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Motion sensors trigger devices, like the ones in a security system that spark the alarm if they detect someone moving about the house. Motion sensors have other uses, too, like the ones that turn the garden lights on when someone comes near.

Whatever you're using them for, motion sensors search the darkness with infrared detection, make devices work automatically, save power, and increase your safety either from intrusion or from injury. Keep it together with motion sensors.

About Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are used in many different technologies in both homes and businesses. The motion sensor detects movement, usually by people, which triggers another response. They are most common in light systems. Instead of wasting energy having a light on all of the time, the motion sensor signals the light to turn on when someone or something enters the vicinity. After a certain amount of time with no movement, the light will turn back off. You can use this type of light outside near your front door and driveway or indoor in any of the rooms in your house. Motion sensors are common in burglar systems. When a business is not in operation, the motion sensor is turned on, which would trigger an alarm if motion were detected during off hours. The alarm can be setup to alert the owner at home or even right to the police station. Motion sensor technology is available on eBay. Consumers can decide which type of sensor they need depending on its desired use. Upgrade your lighting system with a motion sensor that will save light energy.