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About My Style Craft

Individuality, fun, fashion and friends are high on the list of priorities for girls aged 8-12. My Style Craft is designed to tick every box on a girl’s wish list by enabling her to create fabulous trendy jewellery and wonderful gifts that they’ll love wearing and sharing with all their family and friends. My Style Craft is part of the Interplay UK company which began life when founder Ross Ainsworth noticed an Ant Farm shaped gap in the UK toy market and began manufacturing formicariums in 1998. The company now produce a wide selection of My Style craft kits for girls as well as a number of other products in kit form.

Little girls who love crafting and jewellery will adore My Style craft kits. There are an enormous number of different kits to choose from including a deluxe charm bracelet kits full of beautifully blingy charms, a neon bracelet kit that will make anyone’s wrists stand out from the crowd, a designer jewellery kit with stylish and tasteful trinkets, a Shambala Fire kit that taps into the trend for African inspired design, a wire craft set for making rings, a fun shrink wrap set and a kit for making cute girlie greetings cards which any little girl will enjoy making.