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About Neckerchiefs

Although they’re often worn as a fashion item by today’s cutting edge fashionistas, the neckerchief has been a popular item of clothing for hundreds of years. Most commonly associated with sailors, cowboys and scouts the neckerchief is traditionally made from a rectangular cloth folded into a triangle. To fashion the cloth into a neckerchief the longer edge is rolled up leaving a couple of inches unrolled. It’s then tied at the neck by the ends or fastened with a clasp known as a woggle.

The Scouting movement has made the neckerchief famous and it’s been adopted as part of the uniform all over the world including Mexico, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary and Canada. Neckerchief’s are no longer solely for sailors or scouts though. If you fancy trying an accessory that’s a little bit different then a neckerchief can be worn under an open-collared shirt with smart jeans for a smart/casual day look or get inspired by the 1950’s and wear your neckerchief tied to the side with a fitted blouse and pencil skirt.

Supersize your neckerchief and wear the flap at the front for a cool and casual effect, or if you’re a guy why not throw caution to the wind and try a shirt with a silk neckerchief in place of a tie for a formal event?