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Enjoy greater convenience when cooking with a Neff oven. You can choose from a number of different oven types, such as an in-built double with a convection fan or a singular larger oven for your home's kitchen.

A Neff oven lets you enjoy confidence in the kitchen. Preparing meals with your family should not feel like a chore, so let a more intuitive design give you back the joy of cooking.

  • Neff Built-In Circotherm Double Oven - Stainless Steel U14M62N0GB

    Neff Built-In Circotherm Double Oven - Stainless Steel U14M62N0GB

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    Catalytic liners (back, side, roof). · Quick Connect shelf supports. · Double glazed doors. 4 shelf positions. 1 x 40 Watt lamp. 35 litre capacity.
  • Neff built-in double oven with grill and fan-oven

    Neff built-in double oven with grill and fan-oven

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    Neff double electric oven in good condition and full working order (see pictures). Lower oven has fan system heating.
  • neff built in single oven

    neff built in single oven

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    In great working condition, we are changing the kitchen and some of the appliances have to go. Please check my other items for sale
  • Neff -  built in electric double oven U1661

    Neff - built in electric double oven U1661

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    In excellent working order. Top oven is a grill with temperature control and an oven up to 220 degrees. Comes with grill pan. Bottom oven is a fan oven to 200 degrees and normal oven function ...
  • Neff Series 5 Built in Double Fan Oven U1564NOGB

    Neff Series 5 Built in Double Fan Oven U1564NOGB

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    Neff Built in Double Oven. Fully working. All dials intact and lights inside working. Has all its trays and grill pan. Replacing as having new kitchen fitted so upgrading.

About Neff Ovens

Neff GmbH is a German manufacturer of high end kitchen appliances, founded in 1877 in Germany by Carl Andreas Neff. Neff produce a wide range of different cookers, fridges, freezers, hobs and dishwashers, as well as washing machines, dryers and extractor hoods. The company is a subsidiary of Bosch and Siemens Household Appliances.

Neff ovens are designed to cook and reheat food, and come in a wide range of different styles. All Neff ovens are designed with a stainless steel outer body and a thick framed glass door. Single ovens are designed with one cooking space with a range of shelves. Double ovens are designed with one primary oven, usually on the bottom, as well as a secondary oven on top that is designed for use as both a smaller oven and grill.

Both single and double ovens come in the standard or built in designs, dependent on the user requirements and the layout of the user?s kitchen. Built in designs are often fitted above the floor so that they are level with the user and therefore easier to use. Both single and double ovens come in both fan and electric designs.The Neff oven range varies massively, with individual ovens having a wide variety of different innovative technologies installed.

Slide and hide is a common feature on a number of Neff ovens, whereby the door of the oven may be opened and then fully retracted underneath the oven. This allows for easier access to the oven when taking items in and out. Many ovens are also designed not to lose heat so that when the feature is used, cooking is not affected. The flexi rail was also designed to aid cooking and the taking out and putting in of food. The rail that the oven tray sits on is designed to be pulled out of the oven while remaining secured. This allows for the user to get to the food without having to take it out of the oven and placing it onto another surface.

Other technologies incorporated into many of the ovens include Circotherm. Circotherm ensures that the oven gets hot quickly and evenly for an all-round even cook on all parts of the food, wherever they are placed in the oven. It is designed to cook food at the same rate and temperature even when food is placed on all of the shelves. This ensures no food goes undercooked when the oven is full.

Aqua Assist is another device used to aid in the cooking process to produce better cooked food. Ovens fitted with the aqua assist feature house a tray that can be filled with water. Once filled, the water is distributed slowly into the oven to keep food moist and prevent it from going dry. It also has a double pump system that clears any excess residue, keeping the food clean.

Many of the ovens have a variety of other features including CeramiClean, which aids in the cleaning of the inside of the oven to prevent grease build up. Neff ovens often come with a range of accessories including accompanying baking trays that are designed to be used in tandem with the oven.