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About Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns are a type of toy that fire soft foam darts by using air pressure. The darts can travel upto 75 feet and depending on the gun, are loaded in singularly, through a magazine, or are belt fed. The darts themselves retain their shape after being fired, and can be reloaded into the gun after each use. Darts can be bought separately from the gun itself, in case darts are lost or become too dirty to reuse. The number of darts which can be loaded into the gun will depend on the type of gun being used, and the capacity of the clip or magazine of that gun. Nerf Guns come in a variety of different types, including semi-automatic pistols, automatic rifles, and machine gun turrets. These foam dart firing guns can be used by a single individual for target practice, or can be used by a large group, in a competitive format. Although the darts are light, soft and travel at relatively low speeds (70 kilometres per second), it is recommended that users wear protective goggles or sunglasses in order to protect their eyes. Because Nerf Guns are relatively harmless, they are used by both children aged eight and above, and adults alike. Since the 1980s Nerf Guns have been used as a source of entertainment at children's parties, and conversely have also been used as practical jokes in the work place and in team building exercises. Nerf Guns are designed to be used both indoors in the home, and outdoors at the park.