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About New Look Shoes

New Look is a well-known women's clothing retailer, which has over 1,000 stores worldwide. It specialises in affordable fashion, and its range of shoes tends to mimic well-known brands and designs. Despite their affordability, they wear reasonably well, and last longer than some cheaper brands. Types of shoe It splits its shoe range into categories of high heels, mid heels, wedges, flats, sandals, and boots, and this makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for in a huge range of gear. Boots come as ankle boots, high legs, and even wellies in fashionable colours and designs. Available sizes New Look shoes can go down to a ladies size 3, which is very useful for those with tiny feet, as not all shoe retailers provide this. They also go up to a maximum size 8 to cater for taller women. There are more shoes available in a size 6 than anything else, but this is closely followed by sizes 5 and 7; these are average sizes for women. Colour range Most of New Look's range is available in black, with blue, red, and stone colours being the next most obtainable, although colour is normally dictated by the fashion of the season, so there will be variation depending on current fashion trends and styles. Range of materials New Look's shoe and boot ranges are made from a large variety of materials, and although there are more synthetic fabrics involved, it does also offer some leather and suede designs.