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About Nike Liberty

Nike has teamed up with many fashion designers to create specialised and unique products over the years - one such collaboration is with Liberty London. The two brands came together to make a specific set of Nike designs to be sold in the Liberty London shops and their online stores. Some of the designs are showcased in the sneaker boot collection, which takes some of Nike's iconic designs (the Nike Air Max, the Dunk and The Roche Run) and adds height and cool-proofing. London Liberty then add their own 1960s inspired prints to finish off the shoes. The Nike Liberty trainers come in many different designs, styles, shapes and sizes, but in general they are aimed at women. Most of the designs have some sort of floral print on them, and if not they tend to have glittery or sparkly adornments. Another collection from the Nike Liberty partnership was called 'Metallic', and saw the revamp of the Air Max 1. The original Nike design was taken, and the upper halves of the shoe were given a silver or gold-coated leather finish. Depending on whether it is silver or gold, the letters Au or Ag were stamped on to the tongues of the shoe. Many of Liberty Nike's designs were limited edition, which means that they are hard for collectors to track down. Some of the designs were only available for a few weeks, before they sold out completely, so if you are lucky enough to find a pair, snap them up while you can!