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About OSRAM PowerStar

The OSRAM PowerStar line of metal halide lamps makes use of quartz technology. When shopping on eBay, you can find different OSRAM PowerStar lamps, which vary in style as well as output. For example, the PowerStar HQI-T G12 is a 70W lamp that works well in spaces that do not require too much light. The PowerStar HQI-R is a 150W lamp that works with light guide systems using enclosed luminaires. The PowerStar HQI-E sells in clear and coated variants. This bulb offers output of 250W and is best suited for libraries, shopping arcades, public squares, and workshops. PowerStar-T offers output of up to 400W, and is best suited for sports halls, factories, workshops, and industrial installations. The PowerStar HQI-TS is a 2,000W lamp that sells in two variants, one with a short arc and one with a long arc, and is ideal for floodlights. Get adequate suitable lamps and ensure that you have enough when you need them.