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Let everyone know about your upcoming soiree with party invitations. Choose an invitation based on the party theme, such as a child’s Disney party, or pick invites perfect for your Hen party or retirement bash.

Purchase pre-printed invites with all of the relevant information on them, including the party time, date, and location, or get creative and send out fun surprise party invitations. In this age of technology, it is still fun to get an invitation in the mail.

About Party Invitations

Despite the use of social media, party invitation cards are still often used to announce celebrations and to invite guests to attend. Party invitation cards are available in many different designs and formats and some allow for photographs and personal details to be incorporated into the invitation card. The range of available party invitation cards is fairly extensive and prices vary significantly. Cards are available for children and adults, for birthdays and anniversaries. Party invitation cards can be humorous, traditional or completely unique. Simple, ready printed party invitation cards can be bought in packs, usually of 10 cards or more. Some invitation cards feature well known characters, Disney characters for example. Envelopes are usually included with the cards but this is not always the case. Although most invitation cards are of A6 (postcard) size, some party invitation cards are not of a standard size and cannot fit into standard envelopes. Personalised party invitation cards usually involve sending name, date, age and other details to the supplier by email, attaching a photograph to the email if required. The supplier will process the order and sometimes send a proof before printing the party invitation cards. It should be noted that many suppliers do not send a proof unless specifically asked to do so. If a proof is required, additional cost may be involved. Most party invitation cards are printed on high quality card, often using different types of card surface for light or dark backgrounds. Ready printed cards are usually dispatched within 24 hours. Self-design cards may take longer.