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Add a touch of country charm to any room in your home with a patchwork quilt. Shabby chic and handmade, a patchwork quilt does double duty as a duvet or a wall hanging, giving any room a rustic, cosy feel.

Choose a vintage quilt for an antique style room or opt for a quilt for a child, featuring letters of the alphabet or animals. With lovely patterns like Wedding Ring and Alpine Rose, every quilt tells its own story.

About Patchwork Quilts

For centuries, quilting has been a favourite pastime in cultures across the globe. Patchwork quilts are produced by a series of sewing techniques, but are basically the result of sewing two pieces of fabric together to form a thick cover. Patchwork quilts are often used as bedspreads, decorative throws or wall hangings and can vary dramatically in size, shape and design. The top layer of the quilt may be extremely simple in design or may be comprised of many individual patches of fabric that are sewn together to form an elaborate pattern. Quilting techniques Quilts can be made by hand or by using a sewing machine to sew individual pieces of fabric together into a pattern. Many patchwork quilts are created by sewing together patterned blocks, which are repeated to form the overall design. Once the two layers have been created, they are bound together like a sandwich, usually with a layer of batting or wadding in between to create an insulated core. The quilting process binds the layers together, and this can be done by hand using a running stitch, by machine, or by tying yarn knots. Designs There are many patterns that are commonly used in patchwork quilts, which vary in difficulty from a simple square block to more complicated constructions. Basic patterns include pinwheels, windmills and flying geese, although many different patterns may be used within a single quilt. Additional decorative details may also be added to the quilt, including appliqué pictures, buttons, beads and decorative stitching.