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About Paua Shell

Similar to Mother of Pearl, the memorizing mixture or iridescent colouration found on paua shell jewellery is utterly beautiful. With swirling patterns of blues, purples, pinks, and greens that shift with the light, no two pieces of paua jewellery are completely alike. Only found in new Zealand, paua is the most colourful abalone in the world, making it an obvious choice for adorning all kinds of fashion accessories. For instance, look for a pair of gorgeous paua shell earrings to set off your eyes. Likewise, a paua shell bracelet or necklace is a lovely way to enjoy this marvel of nature's beauty. Pendants with paua are available in numerous formats, including abstract designs, animals, and religious symbols. You can shop eBay for an extensive collection of new and used paua jewellery in every colour imaginable. While watching for deals from Top-rated Sellers, be on the lookout for free shipping as well.