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About Pavement Signs

A pavement sign outside your business is a great way to attract customers off the street. These handy, small billboards come in blackboard, white erase board, or frame poster stands, allowing you to change information daily as needed. The standard design features the traditional A-frame sandwich board, but buyers can also pick up larger plastic variations with two feet and a solid base for a modern look and more stability. The materials that make up these signs include aluminium framing with lockable hinges or the heavier wood-framed chalkboards. A pavement sign is useable anywhere in your business or just outside the door in order to alert people to daily specials, offer sales information, or to hang a poster of a new product. It is an inexpensive marketing technique that displays your business' information right in the path of the onlooker, enticing them into your shop or restaurant. Buy a pavement sign from eBay to up your shop's visibility to pedestrians, and watch your customer numbers rise.