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A classic perfume atomiser brings elegance and sophistication to the vanity or display shelf. A lovely way to hold and diffuse your favourite scents, vintage glass or cut crystal atomisers look especially stunning when they catch the light.

A small, contemporary perfume atomiser makes for the perfect travel accessory. Compact and sleek and about the side of a tube of lipstick, one tucks easily into any bag and keeps your signature scent fresh from morning through the night.

About Perfume Atomiser

A perfume atomiser is a container that holds perfume and includes a spray mechanism that allows it to be sprayed in a fine mist. The atomiser was originally developed in 1888 and was first used to spray medicine down people's throats, but began to be used for perfume in the early 1900s. In the early days of perfume, fragrances were sold in bottles with stoppers. It was around the time of the First World War that perfumes began to be sold in atomiser bottles, with almost every perfume sold in this way by the start of the 21st century. Early atomisers featured a rubber bulb that was joined to the bottle via a cord, and when pumped, perfume was sprayed through the mister. These designs fell out of fashion when more modern and compact atomisers were designed, but continued to be popular as decorative pieces. Collectors will be able to find a range of vintage perfume atomisers to add to their collection, crafted from glass or crystal in a wide variety of different colours and designs. Art Deco designs are especially common, and while some will still have rubber bulbs that function, others will have ceased to function as the bulbs were known for being very fragile. Refillable travel perfume atomisers are also readily available. These are small atomisers that can be emptied and refilled, meaning that you are able to take a small amount of your favourite scent on holiday without the need to take the whole bottle. Most travel atomisers are so small that they can be carried in hand luggage on aeroplanes with no problems.