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About Perfume Samples

Without committing to 100 ml or even 50 ml, perfume samples enable consumers to test fragrances over a few days without buying entire bottles. From brands like Marc Jacobs to Channel, Prada to D&G, there are hundreds of beautifully scented fragrances at a fraction of the bottle cost available on eBay. The trouble comes when some fragrances touch your skin and mix with your pheromones, body sweat, and pH. Although a scent smells like one thing in the store or on a sample tab, it is altogether different on the body. Perfume samples help determine what scent is best for your body composition and overall tastes. Further, they fit nicely into a pocket or purse so you can take a sample of a scent you know and love with you to work, school, or while on vacation. Some samples spray from one end and others require you to remove a tab before use. Visit eBay to pick your favourite perfume samples today.