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Plastic crates are the ideal storage solution for many homes and businesses. Plastic crates accommodate a wide variety of goods so they are ready to store away or transport.

Plastic crates come in assorted sizes and designs and with different features. Foldable crates are a good choice if you need them only on occasion, as they collapse flat to tuck away under a bed or in a cupboard. Buy individually or in bulk to meet your storage requirements.

About Plastic Crates

Depending on what is being packed, stored or transported, different plastic crates will be appropriate. Boxes with swing top lids come in different sizes depending on how many litres are required. Their flat tops make these crates very well suited to stacking. These boxes do well for transporting goods in a van or lorry, as well as for long term storage in a small space. The lids are also useful as they will keep the contents protected from moist air or dust, although they cannot be used to store, for example, paper in a humid environment, as they are not airtight. Collapsible crates do not have solid sides but vented plastic; this makes them lightweight to carry, but means that they are not suitable for small items which may fall out at the sides. Due to their collapsible nature, these are also not usable for heavy loads as they will simply break under the weight. They serve best to be used for short term open storage or transport, for example, to carry dirty laundry. When out of use they can be folded flat for storage, making them practical to have in the home. There are also open crates that can be stacked, making them useful for items that need to be transported but in a breathable environment. This type of crate can hold heavier loads thus making it a good choice for holding fruit, vegetables, meats, fish or breads. Crates can be obtained in different colour selections in order to denote their contents.