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A plate stand puts any precious dinnerware on display for guests to enjoy. More elegant options fold out like an easel to hold your most prized commemorative, hand-painted, or vintage plates and let you use your favourite plates as décor atop a pine chest, or keep a pretty plate on your desk.

Plastic, wooden, metal, or painted, a plate stand should not detract from the beauty of what it displays. Dust off your plates and turn them into decorations.

About Plate Stands

A plate stand is used to lean a decorative, ornamental plate. Available in a range of materials, colours, and sizes, the stand helps ensure that potentially expensive plates are secured while being displayed.

Using A Plate Stand

Whether you have a single decorative plate to mark a special occasion in your life, or you have a collection of antique and commemorative plates, you will want a method of showing them, without damaging them. Hanging plates from the wall means potentially ruining them by attaching the wire holder, but a plate stand provides security and safety, while also offering an attractive and good looking means of displaying the plate. Choose the size, material, and even the colour that best suits your collection.

Form and Function

A plate stand serves the dual purpose of enabling you to show off your attractive plate collection, while helping ensure that you do not do any damage to the plates. The better the condition of the plate, the higher its value, and the more prized a possession it will be. Some methods of displaying plates, especially those that involve attaching wire hooks to the plate itself, and then hanging from the wall, can cause damage, rather than prevent it.


Different plates come in different sizes, and so too do plate stands. It is important that you buy the right size. A stand that is too large will not properly protect the plate, and too much of the stand will be visible by those looking at your plates. One that is too small will not give the support that your plate needs, meaning that it could fall and smash.


Metal wire, wood, and plastic are among the most common materials used, and each has their own look and their own benefits. Metal should be plastic coated in order to prevent scratching the plates, wood can be extremely attractive even when seen from the sides, and plastic is usually the least expensive and available in a clear finish making it even more discreet. Brass and other types of metal may also be used, and you should always ensure that these are not too harsh a surface for the plate when considering these types of material.


While the plate stand will be hidden from view by the plate itself, most of the time, it is impossible to hide it completely. People will be able to see the stand when at the sides of the plate, and some stands will be more easily visible than others. In either case, choosing the right colour will make a big difference. White stands can essentially blend in with white plates, while wooden stands and some metal stands are designed to be a part of the beautiful display.

Displaying Plates

Decorative plates are not as popular as they once were, but they still offer a beautiful and affordable item to collect. It is possible to choose an era, or a style of plate, and then build a formidable collection. Whether you want to display your plates in a cabinet, on the mantelpiece, or anywhere else in the home, you will need the stands in order to ensure that the plates do not become needlessly or irreparably damaged.