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About Plus Fours

Plus fours are trousers that are four inches longer than the traditional breeches as they extend four inches below the knee. It was in the 1860s when these trousers were considered as a sporting outfit. Up until today, these are being used as a common wardrobe staple by athletes such as golfers especially after legendary golfer Payne Stewart made them trendy again by wearing a pair on the PGA Tour. This type of trouser gives men a classic, laidback look because its style channels the careless and freer lifestyle and fashion of older times. Most of the breeches available today, particularly those that are used by a lot of golfers are made from durable and heavyweight tweed fabrics. These derby tweed trousers have an elasticated shirt grip waistband to make it easier for men to tuck in their shirts. Moreover, they are also styled with tapered legs and Velcro adjustable calf straps to give golfers more freedom of movement while they are on the golf course. These tweed trousers also have dropped belt loops, so men can wear belts with them to make sure that the breeches will not fall off. Classic cut derby tweed breeches are also styled with two side pockets for keeping keys, phones and wallets.