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About Polarised Sunglasses

Glare can cause a number of issues when walking down a street or whilst driving in sunny conditions. Sunglasses are worn in these situations so that we can see clearly and protect our eyes from the sun’s rays, and those that are polarised can even stop glare from bouncing off shiny surfaces such as car dashboards and roads which make it difficult to see where we’re going, filtering the light and only allowing natural light through. Available in a variety of styles with all kinds of frames, they’re available – and ideal - for both men and women.

Consider the colour of the lenses

The colour of the shades that are on each pair of polarised-sunglasses differ from one to another meaning you can choose the one that suits your own sense of style; and they can be worn in various situations. Polarised-sunglasses can stop glare that is reflected on snow and are popular with skiers who don’t want to be distracted or lose concentration. The lenses on the glasses worn by skiers are usually yellow or black. They’re often less expensive than designer glasses, meaning that they’re affordable enough for people to own as many as they like, ideal for the person who likes to accessorize and co-ordinate their look.