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About Pop Up Sockets

Do you need more electrical outlets or do you just not have enough in a convenient location? A pop-up socket is easy to install and keeps you from having to add additional wall sockets or crawl under furniture to reach the ones that you already have. The pop-up socket is installed directly into a counter, desk, or table and pops out when you need to use it. When you do not need it, you simply push it down to get it out of the way. All that is visible is the top cover, which creates a flat surface. You can find different types of pop-up sockets on eBay, ranging from small ones that just replace two outlets to larger ones that include up to four outlets and USB ports as well. Specialised sockets designed for the kitchen protect the outlets from moisture damage moisture. Give your home or office a clean and streamlined look with pop-up sockets that are easily hidden.