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Using a poster frame creates a more mature and sophisticated look, so you can keep your favourite posters and simply frame them to turn them into proper wall art.

Poster frame styles fit many sizes, including movie posters and smaller mini posters. They protect your posters and add a fun element to your room with their various designs, including solid black styles and silver metallic options.

About Poster Frames

If you want to preserve your favourite movie posters in style, a poster frame is the ideal way to do so. Whether you opt for a custom poster frame or choose to buy a standard size one on eBay, there are a couple of things to consider before making a choice. Make sure you know the exact size of your poster and have a close look at its design and colour. This way, you will be certain the poster frame you buy suits the existing décor in your home perfectly. Poster frames come in a variety of materials, with some of the most popular choices including wood, metal, and plastic. Some of the poster frames you can find on the market feature UV filtered plexiglas instead of plastic film. This is ideal for protecting valuable collectable posters. Protect your beloved posters while showcasing them in style with a poster frame that complements your home décor.