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A power shower takes your tub time to the next level with its many adjustable settings, thermostatic control, and easy-to-use push button controls. A shower is more than just a way to get clean; it is a few minutes alone to unwind and relax.

A proper power shower eliminates the frustration of bad water pressure. Manoeuvre the head to wherever you like for convenience, and get the most out of multiple spray head options for a customised shower experience.

About Power Showers

Don?t you hate it when you enter the shower only to be greeted with a spray that is more like a trickle than a jet? If so, a power shower should be the first thing on your to-buy list. Power showers function in much the same way that a mixer shower does, in that it mixes both hot and cold water. The main difference between a power shower and a mixer shower is that the former has an in-built pump. This is not a meaningless variance; this innovation allows the shower to have a much stronger flow, which is great if you live in a home that has low water pressure. These showers are designed to work with gravity-fed and low-pressure systems, resulting in an immediate increase in water pressure. You can find power showers available on eBay, being sold from a variety of reliable sellers. Do not settle for poor water pressure. Treat yourself to a shower that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.