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About Printable CDs

When making a custom CD, whether for music or for file storage, being able to label it is important for presentation and organization. With a printable CD, you can print your desired images and texts directly onto the disc using your Inkjet printer. Once you know the dimensions of your CD, you can set the printer to cover the entirety of the CD from the edge to the centre hole. On eBay, printable CDs are available in different capacities, although 80 minutes of music and 700 MB of storage space is the most common option. They allow the consumer to avoid buying discs and labels separately, as the label is already built in. Just writing what the contents of the printable CD are on the bright white of the prepositioned label makes any colour Sharpie stand out much better than the metallic label of their counterparts. A set of printable CDs adds convenience and organization to your digital storage collection.