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About PVA Glue

One of the most common adhesives in the world, PVA-Glue has a variety of uses. It is different from other forms of glue in various ways, such as being both odourless and water-based. Every type of PVA-Glue can be removed from a surface by applying warm, soapy water and can be handled without gloves because it doesn’t burn skin. It won’t take a long time to set either, when applied in a warm environment that has good air circulation it will dry particularly quickly and standard tubs will last for months without going hard when stored properly.

PVA-Glue can be used in many situations

As it is a relatively safe substance, PVA-Glue can be and is frequently used by children. Schoolchildren often use PVA-Glue in their art and crafts lessons, and as they get older might come across them again when working in woodwork, for example, as opposed to using nails and screws. PVA-Glue is also ideal for building professionals, such as carpenters and carpet fitters, helping them to fit skirting boards and flooring tiles quickly and easily, with very little mess.