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About Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is an attractive stone, available in a variety of colours, including pink, white, smoky, citrine, rose, milky, and black. The second most abundant material in the Earth's crust, quartz has a crystalline structure that captures light, making it very aesthetically pleasing. Quartz crystals are available from reputable eBay sellers in all varieties and in a range of sizes, suitable for those who believe in the healing and spiritual power of crystals and for collectors of attractive stones. Pure quartz crystal is clear and transparent, while natural coloured examples have imperfections in the form of microscopic elemental particles. Rose quartz, for example, has an appealing rose-pink hue because of the trace particles of manganese or iron, Rose quartz is highly prized by collectors. Milky quartz is common and very pretty, and gets its distinctive appearance from a tiny amount of gas or fluid trapped during the crystal formation. All varieties of quartz are popular with gem and stone collectors and also with those who practise feng shui. Optimise your home according to the principles of feng shui or add unique quartz crystals to your home for pleasing aesthetics.