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About Rabbit Cage

Anyone deciding to invite a pet rabbit into their home or garden will have a number of purchases that they'll need to make in order to ensure that their new friend's life is a comfortable one. A rabbit cage is one of these essentials.

Rabbit cages come in many different sizes and shapes to suit a wide range of budgets and bunnies! At their most basic level, the cages are created using standard metal for the actual caging and then a plastic base for storing water, sawdust, food and other essentials. These lower level models can usually be purchased for around £20-£30 depending on if the buyer is happy to shop around.

Of course, at higher price points, things become a bit more complicated. Some cages are big enough for more than one rabbit to live in comfortably, whilst others take an even more in-depth approach to this, offering essentially a kind of 'house' containing different rooms and levels that the rabbit can move between during the day and night.

The above styles are usually more suited to rabbits that are kept indoors, but there are also a number of rabbit cages suited to outdoor living. As a general rule, these cages will be made of wood for their construction rather than plastic (due to its increased durability and the fact that the wood tends to be warmer) and will also have a roof as part of the design, for obvious reasons. These outdoor rabbit homes are typically a bit more expensive but their solid wood construction usually means they're a good long term investment.