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Manual razors are the preferred choice of many men and women for their ability to provide a close shave and smooth skin. Razor blades need to be fresh and sharp for the razor to do its job correctly.

You can find razor blades for every type and brand of manual razor, from the old-school double edged, to ladies’ super-sensitive razors. Avoid razor burns, cuts, and ingrown hairs with new razor blades that simply glide over your skin.

About Razor Blades

With dozens of types of razor blades on the market, finding the perfect one for you can be a real chore. Inventors have created a wide variety of razor and blade types, including straight, safety, cartridge, and disposable. Disposable razors are inexpensive, but wear out quickly and can irritate sensitive skin. Cartridge razors are a step up, with multi-bladed heads that can be used five to seven times before replacing the head. Safety razors lean more toward the traditional straight razor, but have a comb or safety bar attached, and have replaceable single or double-edged blades. Straight razors have a single durable blade that requires stropping to keep sharp, but last the longest of any razor blade type. Once you decide which razor is the best for you, check out eBay to find starter packs, bulk refill packs, and everything in between. eBay?s sellers carry handles, cartridge heads, single blades and everything else you need to achieve the perfect shave.