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While reading glasses are a necessity for many, just because you wear them does not mean you have suffer ugly frames. Many glasses use simple frames, but there are also colourful options available.

Most reading glasses feature square frames, though you have the option to choose a round frame or rimless frames as well. Additionally, the strength of their lenses range from +1.5 up to +3.5. Help yourself to read much more clearly by choosing the best lightweight reading glasses for you.

About Reading Glasses

Most people will require reading glasses as they get older, and it?s important to pick up the right pair for you. The most important decision is what lens to buy. In recent times, plastic lenses have become more popular than traditional glass ones, both because they are significantly lighter and less prone to shatter upon impact of any kind, such as being dropped. The most common reading glasses come in strengths ranging from +0.75 to +3.50 dioptres. These are effective for many people who suffer from presbyopia and hyperopia. They can be cheaply and easily purchased. However, if you are concerned that your vision is deteriorating it may be a good idea to visit your optometrist to get expert advice. Some reading glasses can impact on distance perception, requiring the wearer to take them off and put them back on regularly. Buying half-moon glasses can address this issue, as these glasses sit lower on the nose so that you can look through them comfortably when looking down to read, but can also easily look over the rims for better distance vision. For those who need to buy reading glasses who were already short-sighted, bifocals or varifocals may be the best option. Of course, you also want glasses that look attractive and stylish. Reading glasses are available in a wide range of shapes, with rims of various thickness and colours. So, whether you want to discreet pair of wire-rimmed frames or to make a dramatic fashion statement, there are reading glasses available to meet your needs.