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About Refurbished Computers

When a PC is faulty straight from the box, or there is something just quite not right about it when you first get it up and running, you can return it and you'll more often than not be replaced with a brand new working machine. The PC you send back will go through a repair system (the details of which will change from manufacturer to manufacturer), and then they will end up on sale again. These refurbished PCs are in just as good condition as a brand new PC, but they are quite often a lot cheaper to purchase. Although it is easy to compare the process to buying a second-hand car, picking up a refurbished computer is nothing like that. Unlike a car, a PC is much easier to get back to the near-new state that it originally started out in. Although the manufacturers will replace faulty parts with identical working pieces, a third party builder might use something else - either way you will receive a reliable working system. You can get hold just about any model of PC, or refurbished PC parts on the market. Refurbished Dell and HP PCs are increasingly common, amongst the many other PC brands that are available to buy. Refurbished PCs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and much like their retail counterparts, they have different features and positive and negative aspects. Some refurbished PCs will have more RAM than others, while some may have a more powerful processor or graphics card for a gaming PC.