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About Rigger Boots

Rigger boots (sometimes called ?riggers?) get their name from being the regulation issue pull-on safety boots for those who worked offshore on the oil rigs of the North Sea. However, the term is now used for general purpose work boots, and this footwear is worn by a wide range of manual employees. Occasionally, riggers have also been fashion accessories ? they have been popular for example among the heavy metal and punk music scenes. Many versions of this footwear can be worn equally well by men and women. More often than not tan in colour, though also available in shades like brown and black, a rigger boot typically reaches around a third of the way up the leg, and, for additional safety, will have a steel toe cap. For added comfort, these boots usually have a fur lining, and you will find loops at the top of the shaft so they can be pulled on easily. This footwear is produced by a wide range of manufacturers, and there are some generic or unbranded products. But, if you?re looking for rigger boots for work, make sure they meet the EN-345 standard, and that they have adequate foot protection with steel toe caps ? although some versions also have toe caps made from lightweight composite material. Choose from a good range of sizes and widths. Rigger boots also have various degrees of waterproofing to suit different needs. Comfortable and easy to wear, you can easily tuck your trouser legs into these boots and stay safe as you carry out most work site tasks.