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About Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris CBE was born in 1930. Raised in Western Australia, he showed an early talent for drawing and painting. His artistic abilities set him apart from other children of his age. Not content with stick men, Rolf sketched portraits that had real features. This focus on detail attracted praise from his primary school teacher who predicted that he would become an artist. Further encouragement was given in high school where he was recognised as a gifted child. By 16, Rolf had already had his first exhibition. His paintings all sold. After a health scare in 1952, Rolf decided to dedicate himself to art. Always ambitious, he boarded a boat for London with the intention of placing himself at the heart of the art world. He attended art school but drifted away after feeling that he wasn't really learning anything. Soon after this, under the tutelage of Hayward Veal, Rolf's art career took off. He gained in confidence as he earned money from his paintings. Television success distracted Rolf from his art work. With continuing fame Rolf was very much in demand as a television entertainer. It wasn't until 2001 that he was able to return to serious painting with a new TV series Rolf On Art. Energised by the painting that he was doing for the series, Rolf began painting in earnest. He built a studio in his house and, he says, 'has never looked back since'. In 2005 he was commissioned to paint a portrait of the Queen. Limited edition Rolf Harris prints accompanied by framed certificates of authenticity are available. Examples include In The Shade and Mont St Victoire. Highly sought after collectors' items such as Early Morning Embankment are available for purchase. There are also a number of very desirable signed editions for sale. In addition to prints, works on canvas are widely represented. Many of these works have never been hung before. Hand drawn sketches, such as the famous 'Rolfaroos' can also be found on these pages.