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Formed in 1962, English rock band the Rolling Stones became famous around the world with popular hits such as 'Paint it Black', 'Lady Jane', 'Ruby Tuesday' and '(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction'. Selling over 200 million records in over 45 years, the legendary band has countless fans and collectors of Rolling Stone memorabilia.

Followers can choose from an endless selection of t-shirts, classic vinyl records, posters and autographed keepsakes. Keep the music alive with Rolling Stones mementos for every fan.

About Rolling Stones

Who doesn't know The Rolling Stones? They began life in 1962, and now comprise Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood. There are six others who have been members at some stage, including the late Brian Jones, and Bill Wyman. Over the years, they have released around seventy albums '“ whether studio recordings, live shows or compilations. Add to this several box sets, over one hundred singles, around twenty video albums, and you'll appreciate that, for the collector fan or as a gift, there will always be plenty of Rolling Stones memorabilia to choose from. If we start with the albums, here's just a tiny part of what's available. You might choose Let It Bleed or the Andy Warhol designed cover of Sticky Fingers on vinyl; or Forty Licks, Exile on Main Street, or the 2012 GRRR album in two or three CD sets. You could also choose Beggars Banquet in either format (and including mono examples). There are also a wide choice of striking posters available. There's a 1995 Voodoo Lounge Repro Door Poster, individual portraits of Mick Jagger and others, plus concert posters, including reproductions from their first ever tour, and caricatures. You may even find the occasional mounted and framed autograph, picture and poster collage. Another collector's option is the sets of trading cards which are still available. As The Rolling Stones continue to tour and perform, their loyal fan base is always being added to by those younger folk who might discover them for the first time. The varied selection here provides great gifts for them and a joy for long-time fans.