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LED rope lights are a popular option for homeowners and other people who want to add illumination to any space. These lights use very little power, have a low risk for fires compared to conventional stringed lights, and last much longer, so you can use them year after year.

Since there so many options when it comes to colours and styles, you can surely find a good set of rope lights to light up your space.

About Rope Lights

Rope lights can brighten up a gloomy area, highlight a feature or even spell out a message. There are two main types to choose from, LED and incandescent. LED lights are coloured, whereas incandescent lights tend to be dictated by the colour of their covering. LEDs are more energy efficient and will last longer (roughly 100,000 burning hours, versus 25,000) but their initial cost is higher, so consider what use you will get out of them when deciding which type to buy. If you intend to use them very occasionally, incandescents will probably suffice, but rope lights are so cheerful, so it's maybe worth investing the extra in LEDs if you plan to use them for an extended period of time. Some consideration also needs to be given to where the lights will go. Most rope lights, particularly LEDs, are designed for indoor and outdoor use but check they are rated for outdoor use before stringing them up across your external walls. Also, think about where they will be plugged in. The plastic sheathing is quite strong but should not be crimped by sharp angles or pinched when doors or windows are opened and closed. LEDs do not give off heat, so using them in confined spaces is fine, but, as with any electrical item, regular visual checks should be carried out to ensure everything is working safely. Tip: Brighten up an old fashioned, disused fireplace with a jumble of rope lights and enjoy a cost effective, home-warming glow.