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About Router Tables

Whenever you want to cut through or hollow out different types of wood or other materials, you need a flat surface that securely accommodates your router. A high-quality router table is a fundamental piece of equipment for any workstation. A router table consists of a rigid, flat surface that emphasises precision while working. With this in mind, a quality router table cannot feature even minor irregularities as these can turn into significant problems with your project. Many router tables utilise a cast iron surface, a medium density fibreboard, or even solid phenolic resin, all of which provide the ideally flat surface you need. Other important features of a router table that you need to consider include the base plate, an accurate and easy-to-position fence, and the type of router that the table provides. No matter if you prefer a new, hand-made, or used router table, you can supplement your workplace with a high-quality table by browsing among the many options on eBay.