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About Rubble Sacks

One of the toughest jobs in a building or DIY project is cleaning up. However, a set of rubble sacks means that you make the process faster and neater. These sacks are sturdy enough to hold rubble, bricks, wood, plaster, and gravel, and make it easy to transport this waste to a skip or your local tip. If you have any sacks left over, you can use them to store animal feed, firewood, or other heavy materials. Look for plastic or woven rubble sacks; plastic versions are versatile, and you can even use them around the garden. Fill them with leaves and put them to one side until you have healthy mulch for your plants. You can buy sets of 10, or as many as 100 rubble sacks for big jobs. Good quality rubble sacks are available on eBay from many reliable sellers. These sacks are for heavy use, so they do not split, which makes cleaning up a little bit easier.