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About Samsonite Suitcases

Samsonite Suitcase

Founded in 1910, Samsonite produce tough, stylish, practical and user friendly luggage. Their product range is very diverse and ranges from suitcases to briefcases, toiletry bags to laptop bags. The brand has an unyielding belief to never compromise on quality, style and function.

The suitcase range produced by Samsonite is vast. You may prefer smaller, carry on cases that do not need to be checked in at airports, while others will require larger cases with a greater carrying capacity. You may require a solid case to protect your cargo, or perhaps a more traditional and lightweight canvas or cloth suitcase.

One of the key features of a Samsonite suitcase is that it is very tough and durable, and will therefore be able to cope with lots of travelling. Suitcases will be handled by a number of people and machines if you are a regular traveller and not always, it is sad to say, will they be handled with care. Recent tests have shown that Samsonite cases are able to handle a greater level of impact with greater repetition than many other suitcases.

As well as being some of the toughest around, Samsonite cases are also very light. Many airlines are strict on weight limits when flying and Samsonite are very conscious of this in the design of their suitcases. You do not want to reduce to load capacity of a suitcase because the case itself is too heavy to accommodate a full load. Samsonite has over 100 years of experience of developing products to combat this problem.

Security is also another area where Samsonite excels, with a number of unique locking mechanisms, including combination and key operated locks. In many Samsonite cases, you will find hidden storage compartments, wet and waterproof bags and compartments to protect your belongings. There are countless strapping options to hold the contents of your suitcase in place and prevent movement and damage during transportation.

You do not have to compromise on your individual style when you travel. Samsonite offers a range of styles to suit every taste. You can go from bold and extravagant to the simple and conservative, depending on your own requirements. This wide array of design options will make your Samsonite suitcase easy to identify on the baggage carousel and reflect a bit of your own personality.

In addition to the standard range of suitcases, Samsonite have also released limited edition suitcases over the years. Additional features in some of these ranges include triple lock systems for additional security, a choice of interior lining including silk and velvet for a sense of luxury, toughened aluminium casing for extra protection without increasing the weight of the case and precious metal embossed lettering for a personal touch.