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The Samsung Galaxy S1 is part of the Galaxy S line of Android smartphones that, taken together, encompass more than 20 variations. The Samsung Galaxy S1 is touchscreen-enabled to use all of the best features of the Android operating system. It set a new standard for its compactness and speed of processing when the phone first hit the market. The phone is widely available in SIM-free and unlocked versions that you can use with any mobile phone service.

You can find the Samsung Galaxy S1 and a huge variety of parts and accessories on eBay. Make the call on a Samsung Galaxy S1.

About Samsung Galaxy S1

The Samsung Galaxy S is an Android powered smartphone developed and designed by Samsung Electronics

The mobile handset has been produced with 2 dozen variations around the globe, with the GT-19000 being the most popular device among them. The smartphone has a display resolution of 480*800 pixels and is powered by a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. The phone offers two variants of 8 GB and 16 GB in internal flash memory and also features a 5 MP primary camera.

The phone opened up to rave reviews when it was released worldwide during June in 2010 and was easily considered to be the closest rival to the Apple iPhone. The phone’s popularity slowed down only with the release of the second generation of Galaxy phones. The above collection from eBay features Samsung Galaxy S1 handsets which interested buyers can check out.

The collection also has several new batteries for users on the lookout for replacements. The wide variety of artistically designed casings on display are also bound to capture your attention. These include leather pouches, crystal hard skin cases, Christmas cases, silicone gel cases and other vividly embossed casings.

While the smartphone market has made huge technological advancements over the last few years, the S1 still offers decent value for money considering its attractive price tag.