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Give your Samsung tab a clear screen and protection from scratches and fingerprints with the Samsung Galaxy tab screen protector. The extreme scratch defender is a simple solution for all users. Not only does it keep your screen clean and smudge-free, but also is a breeze to both apply and remove. The Samsung Galaxy tab screen protector comes in a wide range on eBay in a variety of pack sizes, ensuring you have a couple to keep as backup.

The ultra-transparent protector gives your device added protection with a high-response material that is able to preserve full, touchscreen sensitivity. Maintain your screen’s high-definition viewing experience with a screen protector.

About Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Protector

Improve visibility, protect your screen, and extend the life of your Samsung tablet with a Samsung Galaxy Tab screen protector. A transparent piece of adhesive plastic cut to the exact dimensions of the Galaxy tab's screen, it fits easily onto the screen. These protectors can have anti-glare properties, improving your Galaxy tab's display quality and allowing you to watch media in a variety of light environments. There is a Samsung Galaxy tab screen protector for any model of Galaxy Tab, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Screen Protector and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Screen Protector. Find all of these options on eBay. There may be offers from Top-rated Sellers, and various items may include free shipping.