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About Sausage Makers

Know exactly what goes in your sausage by using a home or professional sausage maker from eBay. Grind or mince pork, lamb, or beef to the consistency you desire and then push it into your choice of casings. Alternatively, hand press top quality burgers or kebbe from the meat, or make loose sausage for sausage rolls. Traditional crank-driven aluminium machines screw onto a counter or table and require a bit of effort to operate; newer all digital models sit on the counter, weigh the meat, and grind it automatically. Some machines come with cheese and vegetable grater attachments that allow you to process parmesan for your lasagne and cabbage for your slaw as well. Stuffers often have more than one nozzle to allow you to create several different sizes of sausage. Commercial sausage stuffers take up to 15 litres of meat at one time. Making your own sausages is the best way to be sure of having all-natural sausages that burst perfectly with flavour when you bite into them.