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About Save The Date Magnets

Save The Date' cards are a great way to remind guests about an upcoming event. They are popular for people who may be organising weddings, engagement parties, anniversary functions or any other type of gathering. Regular cards usually have some basic information, perhaps just a name, a date and a venue, and they provide an introduction before the full invitation arrives at a later date. By sending out 'Save The Date' magnets, guests can simply attach them to their fridge or any other metal surface, and there is a good chance that they will remember to keep the date free. To really ensure that an upcoming event sticks in the mind of people that have been invited, a number of different styles are available that are both functional and eye-catching. Themed cards and magnets help to get the message across, such as a picture of the bride and groom for a wedding, and personalised items with a photo or drawing help to create a unique gift. In the weeks, months and years that follow a big event, guests with a magnetic 'Save The Date' reminder will usually want to keep the item on their fridge, and it will provide a unique memento of the happy occasion. When people are organising a large-scale function, personalised magnets that are printed with this information are available in bulk packs and can provide better value for money. Larger print ones are usually more economical all round.