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As lovely as it is, a Scottish brooch represents more than beauty. Most pieces should be worn on special occasions so they are made out of quality materials, like silver and gold.

Choose one with meaning, such as the Claddagh brooch, which symbolises friendship and loyalty. If you belong to a clan, shop for a brooch featuring your family badge. Pin it on your top, visit with family, and honour your ancestors with a Scottish brooch.

About Scottish Brooch

Show off your love for Scotland with a Scottish brooch in either a new or used condition available on eBay. There are a range of brooches that are associated with Scotland and that were made in Scotland by the local jewellery makers. Scottish brooches were traditionally worn on the kilt or to hold a shawl in place. Many had the family coat of arms on their brooches or a symbol of their Scottish pride. The thistle is a popular theme that is found on Scottish brooches. The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. Celtic knot brooches are another popular choice for Scottish brooches and date back to the eighth century. Scottish brooches are made from a range of different materials including silver, gold, or even tartan materials in the shape of a kilt or mini sash. Antique Scottish brooches are also available with gems in the middle of them. Be proud to be Scottish with a Scottish brooch.