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To prevent electrical accidents in the bathroom, a shaver socket delivers a lower amount of power. These sockets limit outpit in order to reduce the risk of electrocution.

A shaver socket sometimes features two outlets one supplying 115v, the other 230v to suit different shavers. The front plates come in a variety of colours and styles, including polished chrome, white, and brass. Find one that matches the light switch or the other sockets in the bathroom.

About Shaver Sockets

To make your bathroom the ideal grooming area, incorporate a shaver socket that allows you to use your appliance safely, even when you have just had a shower. Plugging directly into a 240V mains socket to shave can lead to electrocution, so there is only one legally safe bathroom shaver socket to use in the UK. There are several brands of this two-pin socket on eBay available from reliable sellers. You can find a single shaver socket or a dual version that allows you to plug into either 115V or 230V outputs, which gives you more options for your shaver. There are also products that are integrated into a bathroom mirror and come complete with LED lighting, so you have the added convenience of a clear view as you shave. Some items have a useful sign that reminds anyone sharing the bathroom that the socket is for shavers only. Ensure your safety while you prepare yourself to face the world by investing in a shaver socket.