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Shellac is a registered trademark of CND, which the company uses to sell its patented nail colour. This nail polish system requires that you use a base coat, a colour coat, a top coat and a special UV lamp. Once applied, the nail colours stays in place with chipping or cracking for more than two weeks.

With access to the complete Shellac set, home application is easy. Look forward to picture perfect nails, from one application to the next.

About Shellac

Shellac is an ingredient which in recent years has been used in specialist nail polishes to create a hard wearing, long lasting and glossy colour. CND Shellac is the most popular brand, branding itself as 'the power polish' and promising to deliver in excess of 14 days of flawless wear. There are over sixty shades of CND Shellac nail polish and the options are constantly expanding. Furthermore, colours can be layered to create hundreds more combinations. Origins. Shellac is a product secreted from the female lac bug in Thailand and India. It's processed as solid dry flakes which are dissolved in alcohol to create a liquid shellac solution. In nail polishes, this solution is then coloured and processed to become what we know as Shellac nail polish. Other uses for Shellac are as an odour blocker, tannin blocker, a tough natural primer and a high gloss varnish. Application. Shellac nail polish is generally applied by professionals due to the need for professional tools, although could be applied at home with the correct equipment present. There is a six stage process for applying Shellac nail polish, which includes performing a manicure, shaping nails and removing true cuticles, application of a base coat, setting under UV light and application of a top coat. Removal. Due to their tough nature, removal of Shellac nails is best left to professionals to avoid damaging your natural nails. Specialist removing agents and wraps are necessary to best rid your nails of the Shellac nail polish. Shellac nail polish allows busy individuals with limited time to have beautifully manicured nails without having to get them repainted as often as they would with regular nail polish. People in heavy handed or manual jobs also benefit from Shellac nail polish, as they can work without the worry of ruining their nails.