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About Shoe Stretcher

Shoe stretchers can be used to fix shoes which are simply too tight or have shrunk, to make room for feet which have swollen, to break-in new shoes which might be uncomfortable, and to adjust shoes for feet which lie between two standard sizes. Shoe stretchers work by expanding the length and the width of shoes. In order to do both using a single device, you should look for a "two-way" shoe stretcher. Textiles for which shoe stretchers work best include natural materials such as leather and suede. If you are looking to stretch vinyl shoes, this may be more difficult as the material is not as flexible. You will normally need to use a shoe stretching liquid or spray alongside a shoe stretcher in order to properly stretch your shoes. The liquid will help to soften the fibres and make the material more malleable, so that the shoe stretcher can better do its job. It is important to follow instructions for the individual shoe stretcher that you purchase, as each one can be different. Shoe stretchers are generally easy to use and can be operated by people at home. Start by inserting it into the shoe and turning the handle to start widening or lengthening the shoe. It is usually recommended to leave the stretcher inside the shoe overnight. However, leaving the stretcher in for longer will stretch the shoe more, so it is advisable to test using small time periods at the beginning, so that the shoe does not accidentally become too loose.