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About Shooting Socks

Traditional shooting socks and shooting hose are available in a wide selection of styles, colours, and fabrics either in natural or man-made blends. Shooting socks have been crafted over the years to stand up to the sometimes harsh conditions in the field and are known for quality of workmanship. The British shooting socks in cashmere, angora, or cotton can be extravagantly designed or subtle in their presentation. The most oft seen colours are those on the field, browns, tans, and greens, but it is not unusual to see embellishments of red, orange, or other brighter hues. Made to cover the calf completely and sometimes folded just below the kneecap, shooting socks hold a long tradition in British hunting circles. Shooting socks or hose can be worn with or without garters, although garters are traditional. A new pair of shooting socks, available on eBay, can add years of reliable service to your field wardrobe. Once your new socks arrive, try them on and enjoy the comfortable warmth of traditional shooting socks.