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About Silver Tray

Silver trays have for centuries been prized for their aesthetic beauty, being mainly produced from silver, a precious metal of significant value. Like other items of household silver, silver trays have the dual purpose of being a practical item of kitchenware, whilst also serving as a luxury object for displaying within the home. Uses Silver trays are practical objects that may be bought as part of a set of silverware. The tray is generally used to store and carry other silverware, tableware and cutlery and can be used for serving food and drink at the dining table. Silver tarnishes very quickly, so requires regular maintenance by hand polishing. Quality The value of a silver tray is related to the quality of the silver from which it is made. Most silverware is made from sterling silver, which is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This alloy is harder than pure silver, which makes it better for producing silverware. Sterling silver trays are easily identified by their hallmarks, which indicate the purity of the silver, the manufacturing date, the city mark and the name of the manufacturer. Some silver trays are produced from an alloy known as Britannia silver, which contains 95.84% silver and features a hallmark of Britannia. Solid silver or sterling silver trays are distinguished from silver plated trays, which are made by bonding a thin layer of silver to a metal base. This is a cheaper way of finishing a tray in silver, without the entire object having been produced from it.