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About Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches, also known as steampunk or mechanical watches, are a form of jewellery designed to be worn around the wrist or in the pocket. They are used to tell the time. They are designed without a face plate underneath the screen, so that the clockwork beneath is visible as the watch ticks. They are designed for both men and women.

Watches usually come in one of two forms. Wrist watches or pocket watches. Wrist watches contain a strap with a buckle, and are designed to be worn on the wrist. They are not hand specific and can be worn on either wrist. Pocket watches are a little larger, and contain a flap that covers the face of the watch. They are fitted with a chain that is often clipped to a breast or trouser pocket. The watch can then be taken out of the pocket to check the time while being firmly secured at all times. This is a more classic design of watch.

Both wrist and pocket watches can be made from a variety of different metals. Gold, silver, bronze and steel are all common metals used for watches. The metal used is dependent on style and quality; however, all metals provide the same essential features. The metals used are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also being durable. When made out of stainless steel, they are also scratch resistant.

The straps of wrist watches can also be made from a wide variety of different materials including metal, leather, rubber and synthetic fibres. However, due to the sophisticated design of skeleton watches, most are made with either a metal or leather strap. Metal straps use links and can usually be altered and sometimes replaced. This means that users can take links out in order to get the jewellery to fit, or even replace the strap completely if damaged or disliked. In the case of leather straps, black and brown are commonly used for men?s watches, whereas white is more common in female watches. These can also be replaced.

The face of skeleton watches usually contains a circular cut out in the middle of the watch that reveals the clockwork underneath. To still serve its purpose of telling the time, the outer circle is normally still existent, with a range of designs of numbers that allow the telling of the time. Designs can vary from numbers themselves, to roman numerals or at their simplest just symbols or dashes in place of numbers. The design of the numbers is dependent on the rest of the style of the watch.

The bezels on both pocket and wrist watches are normally circular, however other shapes do exist. Common shapes used for men?s watches include large square bezels. More common shapes used for female skeleton watches include oval shaped bezels. Generally, women?s watches are created a lot smaller than men?s watches due to the difference in the size between male and female wrists. Watches are rarely created with a unisex design.