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Control what you watch, when you watch, and how you watch it with a Sky remote control.

As one of the largest providers of entertainment in the U.K., Sky doesn't just provide TV channels for viewing. You can also buy a Sky remote that works best with your particular TV and the package you have. Football fans can even find a Sky remote decorated with the colours of their favourite team. Optimise your TV-watching experience with a Sky remote.

About Sky Remotes

For a Sky customer, great viewing experience relies heavily on the efficiency of the Sky remote. However, the Sky remote that comes with the contract can deteriorate over time, and buyers can find a good replacement on eBay. For a Sky + HD box and TV customer, a replacement remote allows them to control HD programmes easily and conveniently. The replacement remote control operates with Sky + HD TV boxes as well as old Sky HD boxes, even allowing users to pair it with older TV models. This Sky remote control features the Rev 9 version that holds Sky remote codes and TV codes, so users can also control the volume and channel selection of the TV. Buyers can even select an aftermarket replacement universal remote control that also works with all Sky + HD boxes. It holds all Sky codes along with TV codes, such as volume, mute, and channel selection. With a Sky remote control, users can continue enjoying the benefits of using Sky even without the original remote control.