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Skylanders is a colourful children’s game that comes with a complete starter kit consisting of one video game, Traptanium portal, two Skylander figurines, two traps, two character sticker sheets with secret codes, two trading cards and a character poster.

Your child will have hours of fun defeating the bad guys and acting for good. There are various themes to the Skylanders game such as the Dark Foodfight and much more.

About Skylanders

Skylanders is a series of video games that is produced by Activision. The first game to be released was 'Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure' in 2011, with a number of other games released since. Skylanders is not just a video game. The game also includes action figures, which children can place on a 'portal' and watch them come to life, interacting with the game. The portal also has the ability to change colour at different points in the game. In addition to the games (released on a variety of consoles), a number of action figures representing characters in the game can be purchased. The Skylanders game will be played with the character that is placed on the portal, and progress is saved to the character toy - meaning that different levels can be reached with different characters. As progress is saved on the figure, the figure can be taken and used on a portal connected to another console at a friend's house, for example, and any new progress will also be saved onto the figure. There is a range of Skylanders merchandise available. The games themselves can be purchased for a range of consoles, along with the portal itself, and there are a number of different characters available. Skylander characters are available in eight categories, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Life, Magic, Undead and Tech. There are also additional characters that are specific to different consoles and different game titles. While games can be completed with the starter pack characters, additional characters will give access to more areas of the game and thereby extend gameplay. There are also trading cards that can be collected that feature the Skylander characters.