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About Slate Placemats

Indulge in a durable and ultra-chic alternative to traditional placemats by introducing slate placemats to your dinner table. These elegant surfaces are slab cuts of slate, creating a solid, yet elegant, stone surface for dishes and utensils. Their surfaces are easy to clean, too, and durable, making them a long-term option for any household. A slate placemat can also double as a cheese plate, sushi tray, or serving platter, making it a true multitasker. Plus, with their dark grey tones, slate placemats make a neutral addition to a dining table that can complement most any design scheme. You can find these placemats in traditional square or rectangle designs or in one-of-a-kind cuts, such as a heart shape or a circle. Slate placemats are also often sold in sets with matching coasters for drinks. Bring style and reliability to the table by taking advantage of the wide range of slate placemats available to you.