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About Sleep in Rollers

Anyone looking to get great results when trying to curl their hair has a range of different products from which to choose. The new range of sleep-in-rollers has been making waves since it was first released.

The pink rollers enable the wearer to keep them in overnight, obtaining the maximum results possible. The practicality is simple: the rollers are created using a spongy material which then flattens when the head is lain down on the pillow. This allows the wearer to sleep comfortably, and means that they can wake with their hair already looking great. The sleep-in-rollers boast at being virtually effortless and they've received almost universally-positive reviews, with several celebrities endorsing the products. They also boast at being able to achieve results that will then last for the whole day.

The pack comes complete with 20 of the rollers in addition to a stylish pink carry case which is ideal for those that want great results whilst on the move.

Other sets within the range include the sleep-in-rollers hairdryer hood, the sleep-in-rollers bun ring plait thin set and the sleep-in-rollers shower cap, as well as the individual bun rings. Anyone looking to invest in the range, then, has a lot of different options!